What can be expected?

Carnevale Consulting, LLC helps you meet with the right people at NYS agencies, appropriate public authorities, the agreed upon and identified local counties, and other political subdivisions.  We work with the sales teams and management to develop and enhance your strategic plan within the identified territory. 

We also recognize the potential impacts that result from the Legislature's actions. We can follow and analyze how these actions may apply to our client's interests, your potential and existing customers and we can provide advice on an ongoing basis.

We work to provide opportunities by building relationships with other potential partners such as system integrators, software/hardware providers, third party add-on partners, and NYS small, minority and woman owned businesses.

We help in developing a consistent message showing what differentiates your company from the identified competition.
We work within the government verticals and the agencies within the vertical markets to identify opportunities (short and long term).
We help you determine what products and services (package offerings) apply to needs of potential governmental customers.
We help you determine what resources would be needed, (partners, contract vehicles) and

We help you develop a marketing approach and communication plan, which ultimately will produce a sales pipeline and

We help you emphasize how and why your product line should become the preferred option that your customers should choose.



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